The Highways calls

The highway calls again
With it’s sun blurred lines
Cigarette butts
Animal carcasses strewn
The highway calls again
The open road pulls me back
With blackened road signs
Tar filled cracks
Semi hustle
The highway calls me back
To wide open fields
Kentucky hills
And Tennessee curves
The road calls
Gas station bathrooms
Stale AC air
And windshield fluid
State lines
And cargo lines
The car sets out
The highways calls back
Answer with a shift to drive
Praying to stay alive
On the open road

Here we go

The Old Car

The old car is still hanging in
making it through Winter’s thick and Summers thin
The AC rattles
the carpets are worn out
But the motor still delivers me to the destination
very devout
The weather is broken in
The locks don’t work and haven’t for days
The radio still sings out a couple of melodies
But when the wheels struggle up the hill it gets my sympathy
on a warm day in June
When the engine is ringing out
In it’s classic tune
Bellowing out like a great monsoon
This is my car and I stand by it
Even though the dollars I’ve paid have been multiplying
But it is a true beauty and I ain’t lying That’s all I have to say about this your car
It’s taken me miles and miles afar
The dream alive when I get down
We’ve toured we’ve laughed we’ve cried
In this cabin we lived our lives
So this car I say cheers
I hope you may live on for years and years