Back at the Cafe

Back at the Cafe

On the strained Route 94

Deep in North Dakota

Where the wind finds fields

Of exapanse and rips through

Rain pours over cargo trains

Bustling through the rich spring air

We stop for caffeine as we make our way

Due west

The ultimate test 

Journey new


Headed right through

The storm 

The coffee soothes the moment and lifts

The eyes

Now a brain soaked in caffeine 

We continue


Rampant Road Rager

What’s the rush for
Car can’t go much more
Flip the bird
Ride the bumper
I have no care for road rage
The lines pass in disdain
The burning look of pure anger
And pain
It is a shame that we have to deal with this
But these clowns run rampant in this town
Bringing even the good natured folks down
You see anger building up in faces surrounding
The engine revs in the burn sounding
Making each driver grab the wheel a little tighter
Pressing the gas a little harder
Staying ahead of the daemon driver
Keep up with traffic
An urban surviver
Look alive in this city
Stay on your toes
The rampant road rager
Will always be
Everywhere you go

The Old Car

The old car is still hanging in
making it through Winter’s thick and Summers thin
The AC rattles
the carpets are worn out
But the motor still delivers me to the destination
very devout
The weather is broken in
The locks don’t work and haven’t for days
The radio still sings out a couple of melodies
But when the wheels struggle up the hill it gets my sympathy
on a warm day in June
When the engine is ringing out
In it’s classic tune
Bellowing out like a great monsoon
This is my car and I stand by it
Even though the dollars I’ve paid have been multiplying
But it is a true beauty and I ain’t lying That’s all I have to say about this your car
It’s taken me miles and miles afar
The dream alive when I get down
We’ve toured we’ve laughed we’ve cried
In this cabin we lived our lives
So this car I say cheers
I hope you may live on for years and years