Words Unknown

Turn down

Where we used to roam

Put down your hands

And hang up the phone

These streets

We used to call our own

But many days have passed

And now it seems distant


The places we used to go

Filled up with words




Hope Hoping


When the darkest hour can be lit

With the brightest light

Hope restored

Hope in the middle of night

I hold on to these beliefs of

A brighter future

Even though the hopes of few or one

Is to lead us all to a future

That can not soon be undone

I remain steadfast and hoping

That were we will end up

Is better than where we currently

Are going

The Wires

The wires in my head


Laying in bed

Wondering of the rituals

To keep

And destroy


But idle my hands my not be

Idle my brain wishes upon me

The wires wrought with contentious


Waiting to fall asleep

What will this new morning


Planet B

How could this be

The truth and I agree

There is no planet B

No do over

Mulligan or retry

We have to make what we have


Agree to disagree

But mother nature will always be

And should be

Our top priority

Current sacrifice

Rather than living from a vice

Over consumption

Is our most destructive


That is not alright and good

We must live the way we should

Treat this world with respect


That is truly

The way it should be

Surprise Unfair Competition

Unfair competition

With no surprise

How can you expect one with

Golden toilets

To see through everyday

American eyes

Lost hope in the nation capital

It’s sorry

But invaluable

That we the people represent

We the people

We must watch for each other

Protect each other

When other do not

When the upper top

Are only representing the one percent

With little hope

And no repent

Certainty of Anarchy 

Sitting on the train

construction everywhere

A man is over on the side 

The sign says only five dollars 

to shine your pair.

Aggression floats around 

horns honking 


Great uncertainty uncurling 

A forrowed brow 

Then I see a women weave in and out of the crowd 



Moving fast

No consideration 

Maybe consideration is a thought of the past 

Gosh…What is going on out here?


And a certain Anarchy 

Fill the air