Avocado Tone

Avocado tone

Smooth and buttery

Upon satisfaction

The center disposed with



In a Whole Foods

In a store in Williamsburg

On my way into town

Smooth tones

In smooth stores

Zeron Train

The Zeron train

Comes down the rails

Shaking the ground

The walls of the buildings it passes

It collided with air molecules

Burning its way

At 125

Over the steel clad gates

Of red and white stripes

Under bridges

And through fields

I hear the train rumble from a mile away

And wisp through town

Shaking every building around

Call the Feathers

Call the feathers

In a straight fashion

Walking down the isle of



Holding up

The human evolution

Call the feathers

Call the boots

Ease the tensions

Erase the loops

Here come the birds