Please Lower the Cart

Lower the cart

So I can fit in my belongings

Holding hope

Heading west

With a soul so longing

What cannot fit

Can not be moved

All the rest

Will be forgotten

And smoothed

With time and separation

One day away

A new days vacation

Upon the cart out loved collections

Up the street

And beyond the intersection


Push the Pen

If I don’t who will

Take the medicine

By swallowing the pill

Up late

And down early

Push the pen

Just over 30

Mistakes don’t exist

In this little of the blip

I don’t promote

I don’t bloat

I just push the pen

Late into the night


Of stars colliding


Delete Loan

Delete the loan

A deleted loan

From a deleted user

Credit card decline

Repeat abuser

A loan

A card

Two blades of grass

Cut from the yard

No bank knows

Where the money goes

So it goes

On and on

Fat Consensus​

Fat Consensus

Polluted senses

Decreased ascendence

From the ordinary

To the extraordinary

In a days work

Or in a moment of reflection

Hoping now

To rise up

In an ascension

Fat consensus

Leave us with deluded minds

Some wishing to go back

In time

Offspring Joke

Offspring joke

Am I

Tied up

But quite alive

Mind my own

While I go on a vibe

But I am a joke

No more than the other

But I hope you can love me

As I love my brother

Cat Celebration

Cat celebration

Set up on

Insta nation

Holding the paws

On our attention


Far away the best

And less effective plan

Of a cat celebration on YouTube

Don’t you wish you could just

Be there too

Citizen Protest

Citizen protest

Has a utmost


Of achieving

Rather than debating

Move to action

Instead of emotion

Make advances

Instead of

Tying opinion

To special interest finances