The Felt Moon

Felt moon

On my eyes

As I lie awake and


To its light opaque color

Pasting its crispness

Upon me

The moon and its mysteries

Lie beyond me


Rainy Lazy

Lazy rain

On a Monday

New Year’s Eve

Hours away

Bring the fresh start

Without the clouds

Doing their part

Come new year

In due time

Start again

Feeling fine

Western Coffee Cup

The western coffee cup

Above the border

Where the wind is mild

And peaceful

Where the palms

Sway late into the night

Los Angeles


When the western coffee cup

Is had west of town

Tree Save Us

The trees save us

Deliver us from our

Own perils

As we fall prey to

The toxins

We emit everyday

A tree

Can save us

As it has before

Growing from the ground floor

Taking us under its shade

Please save us trees today

A Rotten Destiny

A rotten destiny

Filled with blasphemy

Blaming infamy

Of tyranny

On the everyday man

And woman


And odd

But when people die

Not even the truth can imply

That responsibility is ours

Behind these bars

I scream

Bravery and Shutdown

Bravery and shutdown

The juxtaposition

Of nature’s



How our composure

Is tested

For our future

Are we brave

As we brace

For the changes

Of a slowing race

You tell me

Abundant Contradiction

The abundant contradiction

Flows unknowingly


From the words of misguided souls

In words we see

The eternity

Of fluid


From the lips of

Cold settled


Contradictions abound

While the wind that moves

Through our lips

Make the sound

Empire Spirit

Empire spirit

In the New York City skyline

All the way down 10th

And the wooded skyline

A spirit that resides

In my heart

Well past the moments

When from the city

Which I depart

Holding up my head

Teaching me where my feet go

And what direction I am led

For one only leaves the city

To achieve a higher calling

For the empire spirit goes past

When memories don’t last