Gathered Nights

Take it to the home

Of the light on the top

The rare bloom of birds

Singing in the morning breeze

Sets the tone

For an easy night scene


Critic Stare

Critic stare

With certain vision

Free me now

From my own prison

Of words and defeat

Before I meet the road

I am supposed to be on

Renewal Mistakes

Renewal makes a difference

When you are all in

Cast out the doubts

But undoubtedly

Not perfection

Because mistakes

Are the way forward

Don’t overestimate

The destination

When the first step

Is forward

Seek to Understand

Seeking understanding



Of approach

And logic

Humanity problems

Have evolved from panic

Frantic energy

From everyone we see

We must try to slow down

So we can see

Another person

Instead of an adversary

Recession Fears

Recession fears grow

On the street made of walls

Hopes are dashed

While confidence falls

Yield curves in danger

When the money stops flowing

Held back investments

Only the big ones are knowing

The constrict will hit

Even the weakest of soul

When the big black hole

Comes for all of us

And boundaries

It doesn’t know



We ask

Can people be so


To the world

That is full of beauty

A natural garden

On the edges the dampness of weeds

Twirling around

Somehow we discover

What goes up

And what falls down