He Knows

“In a good, safe community”

The words spoken

I am not sure

I have ever experienced a community

Better than another

A bad place

For my sisters and brothers

There are some bad actors

But surely not a whole

That can be spoken of

With such broad strokes

Of blunder and error

But this is the high seat

Looking down on us

Telling us

What I think is sad

That somehow one man knows

Who is good

And who is bad

Low Flying Bird

There is no final dance

No significant closing chance



Love and Passion

Just takes a bit of time

No looking toward the sky

For a fulfilling sign

I stretch the curtains

Of my wandering mind

I refuse to let go

Claiming there is a closing time

In my mind the scene changes

Arranges the lines around me

I hear that the weary word

From the wings of a low flying bird

Flapping wings unheard

We bend at the knee

To touch the ground cold

As I maintain my posture

But am getting old

There is no final dance

No closing notes

I will not hang my life work

On that whimsical hope