Slip and Slide of Lethargy

Information technology

Slip and slide of lethargy

Connected eyes

With screens to see

Distracting cells of energy

I pull away empathetically

Hoping for some new life in me

How is it that machines can lock in

On holding tight to my time and skin

Settle my movements and actions

Taking me into dead satisfaction

I am weary of these offers

Video games makes normal

The martyrs

So I will walk away

Until the next day

The lights illuminate my face again

Congenial Misinformation

A pleasant mistep

Created from the onset

Of a morning awakening

Tired and straining

I arise

To drop my glasses

All in passing

I have been misinformed

Of today’s purpose and form

I try to go ahead with the day

But one turns to two

Two to three

Three to seven

It’s gone

No more time on the clock

Those days are hard as rocks

On my underbelly

I must arise now tomorrow

With purpose and control

Informed and ready to go

For as tomorrows sun is raising

I will forget yesterdays

Congenial Misinformation

Copious Caring

I will take your odds

As odd as it seams

To be on far fetched dreams

No reason or bearing

On the future or past

No reason for overbearing

Copious caring

I will take the odds

Stacked against my favor

To savor each moment

In a town of full life enrollment

I face critics pen and ready

To shake their heads and while

Keeping their hands steady

Conformity breeds

Bland crackers

Watering down

Running into the sewers

Out of the streets

I will take your odds

You odd game

Make my best


And soon

I will see


NYC Delay

The coffee is decent

The lights are bright

A bit over roasted

But tastes alright

Trying to delay

A return to NYC

No need for me

To sit in traffic

On the BQE

Rain outside

Makes me further delay

Getting anything of substance

Done today

The tolls will wait

The taxis will still be there

Just trying to delay

My return

To the city


Rush, Rush, Hurry




Nothing is worse than

The rush

The bustle of peoples muscles

Pounding pavement

Pushing gas pedals

Standing in Subways




Don’t let the mind sway or worry

Make it out in traffic

Sit and wait

Just to see if you can take





Scholastic Skies

Scholastic Skies

Stare over Brooklyn

Built with math and arithmatic

Particular attention

To each inch and yard

Stretched in the air

So pretty

Built with human hands

This is

New York City

NYC by Night

After many pains, deliberations, and delays

We are finally ready to make our way

To NYC and the east coast

We packed our bags

But still left most

Of what we owned behind

Tight car little time

Here we go

I-80 and the turnpike

I pray it clear with no ice

And we hope to make New York city

By night

Gazing Ball Responsiblity

field collage

Gazing Ball Responsiblity

Freedom outlined with responsibility

Sounds so trivial

So silly

But the concepts upon which

Failure and success

Of our free country


Are within

The two words mentioned


With freedom comes responsibility

Not political commitment

Or rigid views

Simple daily responsibility

Of citizens


And you

No questions raised

About money, religion, or race

Equality to all

Under the human race

Let us be responsible for what we do

What we say

How we act

How we pay

For creations made responsibly

Temptations and challenge

Run rampant at our fingertips

Accessing the world

In just a few clicks

But with this gazing ball of wonder

You cannot underestimate

Your responsibility

To the greater mankind

So please be kind

Be helpful

A great nation

Flawed indeed

But if there is one call we can heed

Whether a conservative or a liberal

Is mutual respect for each other

And our responsibility

To make the world better

So that from sea to shining sea

We can create something beautifully

With true responsibility

From me to you

And you to me

Liquid Lights







Liquid Lights

The polar vortex winter

What the heck is that

Where hot and cold intersect

Casting a spinner on the midwest

Over Chicago, Gary, and South Bend

The rust belt on lake Michigan’s end

A vortex

Sets 4 feet of snow on the deck

I am amazed at the violence this

Storm creates

Thrashing cars on highways

Like liquid lights on the road

It is unlike any winter I have known

Where the volatile winds blow

The crushing cold

Oh the cold

It seems unbearable

Stopping pumping engines in its tracks

Planes left running

On snow filled tarmacs

A smack

Of this winter vortex

Sets us spinning

Holding on to wheels

Less like driving

More like swimming

I hope to see the end

We just pull up a chair and watch

The true entertainer

The dropping thermometer

Watching it fall

Way below what I have ever known

Freezing finger tips instantly

With a frigid blast

I can only hope

This vortex

Is my first and my last