Be Gone Bygone

Be gone

Bygone era

Let go

Of the past 

Open a new future

I want not vintage and old

I want to grow up 



Let go

Back to Words

Back to Words

Renewed and new

Old and worn

Planted and grew

I refresh in a new 

Set of words

Tied in meaning

And time

I return to Words

In search of rhyme

Chaos Control 

Let the trolls


Let the birds

Fly upon them

I am sick of lies

Sick of tails

Tired of being the end 

Of the joke

Let the chaos control

Roll out

On the world

Muddle by Technology

Muddle and confusion

Marry the mellow quiet

With ruptured sounds of a digital empress

Defiant of the status quo

Holding on to the last of what was

What we used to know

The cell phone rings

Elbows locked in admiration

Swing around the border

Of the new order

Tech first feeling second

Defiant I remane

But I wonder what the world would be

With no technology

Would we be more advanced

If we were connected by glance

Instead of digital connection

A tacit code of life

Implied by technical lines

We are breakable and weak

In the eye of technology

Critical Description Rehearse

Walking off the tarmack

To a shimmering glaze of white capped mountains

A blueish overtone of gentle purity

Of the final frontier 

Pictures quickly flashed in a moments noticed

I remember walking

But I could have floated

Checking into the rental car

Stale air and stuff seats

Pulling out of spiral bending lots

Upon Alaskan grounds we disperse

What these eyes now behold

Could never have been done with

Critical description rehearsed 

Phone calls connected before our arrival 

Preparations made as best as we know how

Faces new gleaming with helping hands

Island time is a new resonance we intake

With a Foat Top silhouette in the backdrop

Down the Seward highway

We make our paths

And are already planning on coming back

Coeur D’ Alene 

Upon the shores of the Idaho banks

Lies a city of French coronation

Beauty bounding straight from the mountains

Fountains of fresh water springs

Water clashed out and sings

Pine trees weathered the western sun

Green coffee beans roasting 

Swooning from the delicate flow of life

Tucked on the western sea side

Fresh air crisp in inhalation

Resounding in echoes smoothed out of the corridors

As my eyes rest easy

On this place just west of the planes

In a small town called Coeur d’Alene 

Back at the Cafe

Back at the Cafe

On the strained Route 94

Deep in North Dakota

Where the wind finds fields

Of exapanse and rips through

Rain pours over cargo trains

Bustling through the rich spring air

We stop for caffeine as we make our way

Due west

The ultimate test 

Journey new


Headed right through

The storm 

The coffee soothes the moment and lifts

The eyes

Now a brain soaked in caffeine 

We continue

Examine Every Nerve

I examine every nerve I have

Looking for the damage caused

A defective course of action

Creating inaction

The bustling buzz of cars

Underneath my feet

Standing on bridges above the city


My back arches as I inhale the wind

I am the chief of my soul

In complete control

My feet brace for a jump

As my legs can barely release up

The colorful whirl of lights

And distant boats

East river floats

I launch out into the night

Wiley Uncertain Progress

We were safe for a couple days

Laid up down south

And feeling strange

Unusual rather than usual

Not pampered but

Taken care of

As a musician this is luxury


Until this moment

We behold

My wife and I relish in

Wiley uncertain progress

But today we hold each other close

Knowing we have a certain relaxation

Safe in moments exhalations

We cherish the wild open future

And relish the present