Unsightly unseen

Mightily obscene

Gestures of language




I have an objection to such limits

Of language


My own county



How did words slip from

Meaning to mere



How can it go from direct

To indirect and casual


Is that what we have become

Seeking the words that have already

Been sung

A light I hope will shed a new perspective

Hoping that small bits of peace injected

We can’t move forward with bluster of hate


We must move forward together

And together

We will stand STRONG


How to Win the Donald Trump Thanksgiving Argument: I Did and You Can Too!

“I just think he wears too much makeup…”

I responded soft and dejected. This to me was the Trojan Horse of all arguments. No one at the table expected this response from a college educated caucasian male age 30 with slightly graying hair. Immediately, it put me in an extremely shallow and “disdained” position as viewed by the others at the table. Exactly where I wanted to be. CHECK…

As the first responses quickly and fervently trickled in – “What!?” – “That is so shallow!” –  “You are mean!” and “How can you say that?CHECKMATE…

I think you know where I am headed. NOTE: for the rest of this conversation also refer to DONALD TRUMP = DON – this will add to the confusion at some point, guaranteed. I respond, “Don himself preaches that it is all about looks, right? I mean he himself has promoted this idea of looks first RIGHT!?” This perfectly misguided conversation is headed in the perfect direction. To which there are very few responses – this is after all the words and actions of the man himself which now they will be required to defend. The truth is this response is the ONLY response that your family members and friends have not prepared for this Thanksgiving. While they were spending all of their precious time preparing for the “intellectuals” so worked up over all of the REAL reasons that we oppose Don, just slip in with an argument that Don would actually make himself! This leads to what I call the “Feedback Loop” argument where the discussion must directly move in a circular manner back to the initial statement of disdain – in a direction which is very perfectly fitting and apropos. All you have to do is keep returning to this initial argument ad nauseam – without skipping a beat – until the entire table is vomiting their Thanksgiving Turkey and dressing from confusion and disorientation. “Don… Makeup… He said… Don… Makeup… He said… Don… Makeup… He said…” Drive it home and see the amazing results for yourself! Fun!

This idea that such shallow arguments, which Don himself made a cornerstone of his rise, have no such place at a table where we are trying to have a real discussion. Viola! Take the argument from here folks, you can thank me later!

Fuck it! 



Dairy Chief

The Dairy Chief doesn’t need any changes

Not looking for the next big development

Milking the cows somehow is just a bit irrelevant

A steward of the land with no need for innovation

No tariffs needed

Not too much frustration

It is implicit what his intentions are

Waking in the early morning hours

Tending the field and his cows

Bold yet not to be undone somehow

In the hostile words

He could give one less cow lick

Waking in the morning to babies colic ways

The dairy farmer just keeps moving on

It’s the sweet farm song


Wren of Premonition

A wren of the future bird

Eyes filled with glossy cover

Singing the notes of a future uncertain

Pulling back what remains in the dark

From a pulled curtain

The lazy have come into hold us

The land upon us

Troubled for profit withholding

The truth was never unfolding

A small drip from our brows

Idealistic until now

Strap the hood on and walk out into the cold

If we never try I guess we will never know

Never coming together

Never falling apart

We all now have to do our part



Mighty Unsightly

It’s an unsightly cause

Disturbed pieces of sand

Down to the singular stone

My own town can be mighty unsightly

Deceit is the instrument of choosing

While the others were out boozing

On the beach singing songs of love and longing

The fire lit up like a lamp on their faces

Spiritually free to be deceived


Those nights we laughed on the beach

Holding the sand between our feet

I dream of those moments you and me

But then sets us back to our new reality

It is perfectly imperfect ideally

You and me


Sturdy and Venomous

The whimsical x-ray of our society

Has revealed a great deity

Venomous and toxic

Leaving the trace of a blown rocket

We used this messed up world

To project our problems into one being

Manifested into our new destiny

Smiling he rode in on white horses

The whole world overthrew me

But I will find steady ground

I will polish my smiling face

I will bandage my wounds and move on

This is the primary focus of the race

It’s not how we celebrate

But how when we see the face

From behind the facade

How we pick ourselves up from the dirty ground

Maybe it was our fault in the first

There is no faith to be put in humanity

We return certainly

To realize it was my own hope that let me down

Battered and on the ground

I pick myself up

And begin the hope anew

Just in something new

Strides We Have

The strides we have made

Higher than 1988

Over the battleground 

And through the map

Get the progressives to the poles

File the ballots

Vote on Tuesday

A big conversations is going on

In the commercial breaks

In Michigan

In Wisconsin

Then philadelphia

With the president

It’s almost over the rise

The ride

Surrogates and electorates

It’s a day of state

It’s safe to say

It’s insane

Tomorrow is going to move our country

The vote is coming 

Doubt of Disposition

Doubt of disposition

The grand scheme has no easy transition

From chaos to smooth sailing

The profound problems now created

Some expected

Others anticipated

Where do we go from here

How do we create unity

Well let me see

It all starts with action

Not words 

Cheap words indeed

That’s how we got here in the first place 

The entire human race

Relying on brakeable bonds

Instead of constant devotion

But now the magic potion lies in us

To create unity

Across the board

To recreate this sub par reality

We live in now

Erase all of the transgressions

Of indignity

And create unity

Yawn of the Wise

The yawn of the wise

Can drop over the heads of my contemporaries

Of me

I work out of the hole I have created

Aspiration dedication

But rabid talk has no consequence

No sequence

No following

But I am telling you of this situation

Not as a rebuttal

But as a jobless touch

For my own nature

Contemplating my own future

What will happen


But this is all certainly true


11:57 The clock reads

Momentary and sedentary

I return to the road

We travel so often

Yet so unfamiliar


The hope of unity

A collection of ideas

Almost perfect

But perfect in its imperfections

It has beauty despite moments

Of Lack of direction

Proceed on our journey

To find people

To share moments and peace

This is my idea to bring