Here in Front of Me

Everything I need is right here in front of me

My hands, eyes, hope, desire

Everything I can use to bring myself higher

Hard work is the barrier

Constraining my own ethic

I feel that I have now realized this simple truth

What you focus on grows

What you forget about goes away with old

So I must refocus on what is in front of me

All the tools I need

Are surrounding me

Asking me

I will answer

Relentless Fragile Pursuit

Hands back on the wheel

Teeth grit

Bones of steel

Resilient to temptations


Creative hold

On ready hands

No expectations

Of solving problems

From other worlds or nations

Commitment from within brings me back in

Hoping that words fabricating words can strike

Even the most tender of nerves

Excited to give back

Drawn back into the simple

Relentless fragile pursuit



Leftover Capitilizations of Yesterday’s Song

Sunday morning slugs along

Leftover capitalizations of yesterday’s songs

Missed opportunities

Overachieved success

Deep sleep

With much needed rest

The day brings opportunity

Challenges and breaks

Waiting for on relaxing Sunday ways

Until the week begins much slower

On Monday



Other Lights

The sight of distraction

Slightly amusing


Unknown desires

Lit through eyes

Seeking goods

Owned or

For hire

Yet we pry ourselves away

To relent to yet another day

That we have what we need

We own what we know

We have made our choices

So for other lights

We let go


Time on the Run






So long gone

So many more to come

Hours pass like minutes

Days pass like hours

Weeks pass like days

Months pass like weeks

Years pass like months

Growing up

Time on the run

I must settle myself

Settle these days down

To take in the beauty all around

Keep looking up

Only check once to look down


Hold Them Dear

We build houses

Trees with farms

We hold them dear

We create our own opportunity

From the sparse earth

We pull new life

Our own life and growth

We give back

In this line of work

Make discoveries

On weathered farms

Swollen Skies

Growing up

Under swollen skies

Making changes

In our parents eyes

Commitments made

Growing mistakes

We just have to do

Whatever it takes

I watch you grow

You watch me

We help each other stay

From as low as life

Can be

We wake up together

To see another day

Whether its the sun

Or the rain

We grew up under swollen skies

When the rain fell

It pulled the tears out of our eyes

Yet we pushed through

I get to see a new face

Through the rain anew

I am honored and proud

To be your husband

Under these dark rain clouds

Fatal Direction

Enter fear and dismay

Enter the feelings of dissarray

Collapsing feeling of connection

Pushing me back in my fatal direction

I ask questions for circumstance

Happenstance of my direction

I fall on flat notes of musical indecision

Lacking a true rhythm section

We select naturally

What happens supernaturally

And exit stronger men


Evening Light Protection

Straight lines of mint on county line roads

Staring out seeing dark tree shadows

Making their ways under sprinklers cold

Grass with a golden glow

Waiting the next rainfall or evening glisten

Animals waiting for exceptions

To sneak in under evening light protections

I see the evening run light rails

Hollering trains understated call hails

We wait the train coming out bustling

Heading winds with certain flow

The farms lull me to sleep

Eyes closed in summers keep


Off the Cusp

Rock and roll

Get ready to go

Living on the farm

Just east of

South Bend, IN

The nights we pull

Playing bass going low

Making coffee with the morning

Singing songs

All heard and warming

92 degrees

No sight of water or seas

Here in Indiana

Summers warming up

On the farm

Living just off the cusp