Manhattan Avenue

On a Tuesday afternoon

I start to feel my hope slip away

Just a bit

It’s that tiny voice it will say

To drudge on in a world uncertain

Don’t give up now

Please don’t pull the curtain

But when I walk down the street

My heart heavy in my chest

The little voice can’t be heard

Can’t be heard anymore

Even when I give it my best

I try to reinvigorate what may be lost

Walking on Manhattan Ave

Damn rents got me down

On such high costs

That I just have to focus on breath

In and out

I can make it through this day

I have not one doubt

I must rekindle the light words

That once rung in my ears

What was once a mighty roar

I just now barely hear


Complicated Maneuvers

There it is

Spilled my coffee again

In a rush

To make it out

Into the thin

Brittle cold air

Of a New York morning

I reset myself

I should give them some forewarning

Grab some paper towel

I’m already 10 minutes late

If the G is on time that is

My mind begins to race

Such a simple morning

Now turns into complicated maneuvers

I watch the bright white paper towels

Turn to a more rusted out brown

Take a sip of my coffee

Then set it down

In the trash and out the door

I hear the train horn

I run down the stairs

In the old turnstile

With the attendant half asleep

Make the train

Only by a couple of feet

A New Year

Early morning callings

Waking up from dreams

Rain hits glass soft clipping steam

I think of what 2015 brings

2014 brought many things

New life

Loss of life


Reminding me that not every new year

Is your friend

But with age comes time

And with time age

Lives are born

While others taken away

So I lay in bed

2 days into the new year

Hope for the best

Hold back my fears

Of what time may bring me

with the New Year

Three Letter Prose

Building rows

Of three letter prose

Steady up

And steady grows

Sunday Mornings wane lightly

Just enough momentum

To get flying

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

In the midst of a mild winter

Growing up

But not growing old

This is how the week

Slowly lulls me back

Ready to begin


Relative Hesitation

The slightest hesitation

Bound up in eternal


One moment later

Can be a true difference maker

When realizing what will be my mark

Leftover when I am through

Will I have waited

For some long awaited hopes

Or woken at dawn

To climb the morning ropes

Destiny has to relation

For those caught up

In hesitation

Futile to Fertile

Spring is right around the corner. On a warm spring day this came to me as I relished in the final days of winter. Those days are some of my favorite of the year. Enjoy!

Winter days fade

Into spring

Quiet mornings

Where the birds


The final snow

Begins to melt

And fade away

Winter is moving out


Must be on its way

For today

I admire

The winter cold

Windy gnarly

And brutal

My attempts to leave the Midwest

Always seem to be


Until the fertile lands

Of spring bloom

Once again

Bring back

Warmth and summers moon

All of this will be back

Very soon

And soon indeed

It will bring me joy

A young child

With a brand new toy

To run around under the sun

My heart swells

When it is warm

How the feelings come back to me

On this winters morn’

Net Worth

What is your net worth

Go you! Proclaim it throughout the earth

Ring it on high

Ring it on low

Bring a receipt

Wherever you go

Remind your friends with cash in hand

Even pay for them to see your favorite band

“I wonder how much they are worth”

Surely not as much as me

I am sure my banker would agree

Ring the registers from on high

It’s like pie falling from the sky

I will stand with my hands ready

To grab what is mine

Might just take one of yours

But hey who is keeping score

Now get my car and call me lady

You know this part of town can get quite shady

Maybe I should not be quite so loud

I mean I do not want to attract a crowd

Who knows what that will mean

It was my pie I found,

I thought I caught it

But please don’t bring those fellows

Who want to conduct the audit

If leverage is leverage

And bottom line true

The bell rings cold

When the receipt reads past due

Extend me some credit

Just a little more

I just want to settle the score

But the banker looked confused

This analogy he used

“The way I see it

To make this all easy for me and you

Upon every mans head it should be written

Two decades and a half after their birth

So he may proclaim it throughout the earth

But for now I must ask you again

What is your net worth?”

Over Rated

This is a new song that I have been working on very diligently in the past couple of

weeks. It is about the pressures of always looking for the next best thing and

looking to the future in life – when really all you have to care about is going on

right in front of your eyes. This song will be on our next album out in late 2013.


I’m feeling so over rated

My life is so complicated

Not the best but I face it

These feelings are fresh

But I am jaded

Oh and I feel like I am going


And I feel like I want to be


I don’t want to write this song

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

If you want to live today

Remember what I say

My thoughts can be so relentless

You ‘bout gave up when I said this

Now that I know that you’re faded

Well I had to go but I waited

For you

Oh and I feel like we are going


And I feel like we are missing


And I don’t want to write this song

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

If you want to live today

Remember what I say

Down Around Town

This is as much a piece of work as it is a play on words and meaning. I try to utilize the last
word in the last 3 lines of each verse to speak something to the reader – in addition
to what the poem is actually reading. I am trying to find a way to convey meaning
both internally and from the roots of the poem, utilizing words that struck a chord
with the mind frame in which I am writing. Enjoy!
Words burning up
And falling down
All around

Tinsel town

Not one man


Can say

And “Play”

Words collide slowly


The ceiling

Cracking and peeling

A mind collection



A thought of pretending

Through veins pumping

Asking to quit

This shit

And just sit

Pockets invaded

In time

Not one dime

Will be mine

Forgetting questions

Ask for yours

For tours

Through U.S. contours

Tipping crashing

Feeling tall

Until we fall

And beginning to crawl

Thoughts collapse

With whiskey

A bit risky

And feeling frisky

Further patience made

In time

A clear mind

Will be a sign

To clear the stage


Simply adhere to a bow

Replying “Ciao”