The Summer of Farewells

There we were

The last night on the farm

The summer of farewells

Sun setting soft in the clouds

That lie just above the horizon

Air light and easy

Wind calm subtle yet breezy

So many memories made over months

Lived on the farm

Time to move on

No reason to hold on

Holding on too tight

Will only make it difficult to let go

So pack up our bags

And lets hit the road


Summers Waning Pace

Summer wanes

Like an early bird song in the morning

Warming and warning

We heed like leaves awaiting the fall

For changes that will come

Our lives will adjust with seasons

Waxing and waning

All the time anticipating the future

Holding dear to the past and present

We are old enough now

To realize if you look too much ahead

You will be left with future regret

Holding hands

Kissing lips

We await this changes with fires now dim lit

Summers waning pace has tapered off with the months

Cooling heads and sending us off

How I hold the present tight

But know that just letting go

Will be alright

The Roaming Misfit

Some details are always secret

Frustrating and deliberate

Held back with animosity

Towards the roaming misfit

Truth is never quite told

Lies sleekly avoided

News spread through lies spun

Then voided

I hope to deal with such grace

That I can overcome dealing with

The real face

Of a roaming misfit

Hold my tongue in place

For when he shows up to my door

Waiting for the embrace

I will hold back the words true and harsh

Hoping for something more contained and smart

But the webs we weave

Some to build

Others to deceive

I know this now more than before

So I will smile with reserve

When this man shows up to my door


Napkin Summer Heat

Napkin summer heat

With complete love

Competing interests

All this happened since

We made it back home

Away from the city lights

Living light

On July nights

Lakes and flies

Wrapped up into the life

Of warmth on the fourth of July

Unseasonable cold

Held us close in blankets close

For the napkin summer heat would expose

The thoughts of growth and getting old

Let us enjoy the days here

Spent on a simple life

Return the city renewed



Other Lights

The sight of distraction

Slightly amusing


Unknown desires

Lit through eyes

Seeking goods

Owned or

For hire

Yet we pry ourselves away

To relent to yet another day

That we have what we need

We own what we know

We have made our choices

So for other lights

We let go


Time on the Run






So long gone

So many more to come

Hours pass like minutes

Days pass like hours

Weeks pass like days

Months pass like weeks

Years pass like months

Growing up

Time on the run

I must settle myself

Settle these days down

To take in the beauty all around

Keep looking up

Only check once to look down


Swollen Skies

Growing up

Under swollen skies

Making changes

In our parents eyes

Commitments made

Growing mistakes

We just have to do

Whatever it takes

I watch you grow

You watch me

We help each other stay

From as low as life

Can be

We wake up together

To see another day

Whether its the sun

Or the rain

We grew up under swollen skies

When the rain fell

It pulled the tears out of our eyes

Yet we pushed through

I get to see a new face

Through the rain anew

I am honored and proud

To be your husband

Under these dark rain clouds

Rapid Scores

The leather cold from a chilly morning
Sand from clothes the night before
One grain less
One grain more
The birds chirp rapid scores
Pushing me out the door
The radio belts out last nights memories
Sent me off for the night
Making the ways
For new
Broken in